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1 Core - Intel Xeon E5 v3
40 GB SSD Storage
99.9% Up Time
Windows 2012 - R2 Server
Hardcore Marketer
2 Core - Intel Xeon E5 v3
80 GB SSD Storage
99.9% Up Time
Windows 2012 - R2 Server
SEO Firm
4 Core - Intel Xeon E5 v3
160 GB SSD Storage
99.9% Up Time
Windows 2012 - R2 Server
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Windows 2012 Server

We understand that Internet Marketing is all about flexibility and lifestyle, that's why our tools come with Windows 2012 R2 Servers. It's mobile compatible. So doesn't matter if your accessing it with a giant screen at home or your IPad by the beach. You can basically deliver SEO from anywhere in the world.


24/7 Backlinks

Our Tools runs 24/7 with 99.9% up-time guarantee. Just like your website, your backlinks are forming around the clock, telling the search engine that your website is as important as the Big Guns out there like Facebook, Twitter or Amazon


100% No Hidden Cost

Have you ever bought an SEO tool and later discover you have to vomit more money to buy captchas, emails, ip addresses and all those mumbo jumbos to get serveral links built? We we have experienced the same problem. It almost put us out of business having to huy one thing after another.

Our service promise you 100% that you can subscribe and instantly build hundreds of thousands of links. That right you heard it right 100, 000 ++ links. Not 100 -1000 links.


Ultra Speed Connection

All our VPS are equipped with 1Gbps ports making backlink building INSANELY fast. You'll be amazed how much different how much faster your links are built compare to running an SEO tool on home computer.


Exclusive SEO Trainning (Member's Area)

Of course owning a car doesn't mean you know how to drive, the same way having our SEO tools combo doesn't mean you know how to use it correctly.

Have no fear, we're here to help. By subscribing to our exclusive tools you'll also be able to access our exclusive training video. Teaching you how to farm high quality Tier 1 - Tier 5 Back links. How to avoid google penalty, and also how to drill down your target country. Within few minutes you'll be an SEO expert capable of running your own SEO firm.

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technology partners

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Kiyoshi Murasaki - Serial Web Entrepreneur

Switching to this awesome combo tool is able to save me hunderds of dollars every month. Using SEO internet marketing isn't very easy first, you have to think about the link quality to your first tier. Then all those cost of minor cost is enough to make someone out of the internet marketing commission. Luckily I found this tool cut back my marketing cost to only $39 per month. Now everything is now on auto pilot, I'm able to focus more on creating more money sites.


Gloria Aretha - Beginner Marketer

GSAVPS combo is really the best tools I've found. I was able to show this tool to my mentor (who taught me how to make money online) He was really surprised to see how much cost he himself can cut down. Now every time when he runs his full seminar I'm always the person who'll get invited to teach and introduce new student about this GSAVPS.

Sergery Alter - SEO Firm CEO

After finding out a complete solution for SEO cost peanuts. I'm able to quit my job from my previous SEO firm. Subscribe to this GSAVPS beginner's package, and start collecting new client.

It's definitely a great deal, because we're able to charge at least 4 figure per client, and my over head cost is minimum. Now I'm using the most expensive package due to closing couple sales of heavy weight clients. My overhead cost? Still below $100 per month.